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Paul Behum Paul Behum
Email: pbehum@osmre.gov

Research Interests: Hydrogeologic and surface water modeling, coal mining environmental, geochemistry
Currently: Hydrologist, DOI Office of Surface Mining, Alton, IL. Project activity involves hydrologic investigations and passive treatment design related to coal mine acid mine drainage, mine permit review and programmatic oversight, and drinking water well investigations. Website: http://www.osmre.gov
France Belley France Belley
Email: fanfan24@siu.edu

Research Interests: Mantle flow, lattice preferred orientation, high field anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility, seismic anisotropy

Mukesh Bhattarai Mukesh Bhattarai
Email: mdbhattarai@siu.edu

Research Interests: Carbon footprint of select agriculture products and practices
Currently: Research Assistant, Agribusiness Economics, SIUC
Kristen Bouska
					Kristen Bouska
Email: kpitts@siu.edu

Research Interests: Effects of anthropogenic activities on ecological structure and function of rivers systems to aid in the development of conservation and restoration strategies
Currently: IGERT Fellow, Watershed Science and Policy, SIUC
Saurav Chakraborty Saurav Chakraborty
Email: saurav@siu.edu

Research Interests: Climate variability and change, climate modeling, statistical downscaling
Currently: Research Assistant, Geography and Environmental Resources, SIUC
Plaxedes Chitiyo Plaxedes Chitiyo
Email: plaxedes@siu.edu

Research Interests: Alternative farming systems in Africa, promotion of sustainable agriculture in developing regions, sustainable development.
Currently: Teaching Assistant, Geography and Environmental Resources, SIUC
Deidra Davis Deidra Davis
Email: drddd@siu.edu

Research Interests: Environmental justice, location of toxic sites, CERCLA (Superfund)
Currently: Teaching Assistant, Geography and Environmental Resources, SIUC
Krishna Dhakal Krishna Dhakal
Email: kpdhakal@siu.edu

Research Interests: Climate change, rainfall extremes and urban runoff variability; climate change impact on urban drainage infrastructures and adaptation strategies; Hydrological modeling; Sustainable civil infrastructures.
Currently: Teaching Assistant, Agribusiness Economics, SIUC
Anita Eckhardt Anita Eckhardt
Email: anitae911@hotmail.com

Research Interests: Environmental law and agriculture policy
Beth Ellison Christenson Beth Ellison Christenson
Email: beth.ellison@siu.edu

Research Interests: fluvial geomorphology, GIS, floodplain management & policy, disaster mitigation, sustainable floodplain development
Currently: Research Assistant and contributor to an NSF-funded project
Kim Erndt Kim Erndt
Email: erndt@siu.edu

Research Interests: Impacts of restoration, land use, and land management practices on aquatic ecosystems
Currently: Research Assistant, SIUC
Ross Guida Ross Guida
Email: guidar@siu.edu

Research Interests: River dynamics, hydraulic modeling, and watershed management and policy
Currently: IGERT Fellow, Watershed Science and Policy, SIUC
Bruce Hall Bruce Hall
Email: brucehall2256@hotmail.com

Research Interests: Institutions for watershed management
Currently: Lecturer at University of Wisconsin Steven Point
Rizwana Islam Rizwana Islam
Email: rizwana@siu.edu

Research Interests: Environmental policy and administration
Anne Hayden-Lesmeister Anne Hayden-Lesmeister
Email: aehayden@siu.edu

Research Interests: Fluvial geomorphology, hydrology, GIS, watershed policy
Currently: Research Assistant, SIUC
Jingjing Li Jingjing Li
Email: jingjing@siu.edu

Research Interests: Land use land cover changes, GIS
Currently: Research assistant, GENV, SIUC
Justin Kozak Justin Kozak
Email: jkozak@siu.edu

Research Interests: Ecosystem services, non-market valuation, environmental policy
Currently: IGERT Fellow, Watershed Science and Policy, SIUC
Alicia Lloyd Alicia Lloyd
Email: aclloyd@siu.edu

Research Interests: Political economy of watershed management and how institutions govern land-use activities for floodplain management, economic development, and ecological restoration
Currently: IGERT Fellow, Watershed Science and Policy, SIUC
Amanda Marshall Amanda Marshall
Email: amandachristinemarshall@gmail.com

Research Interests: Environmental policy, environmental justice, water resources management, and sustainability
Currently: IGERT Fellow, Watershed Science and Policy, SIUC
Shanna McClain Shanna McClain
Email: shannamcclain@siu.edu

Research Interests: Multilevel governance in international river basins, environmental emergencies, and adaptation to climate change
Currently: IGERT Fellow, Watershed Science and Policy, SIUC
Kerry McLeran Kerry McLeran
Email: kmcleran@siu.edu

Research Interests: Stable isotope geochemistry, paleoclimatology, and dendrochronology.
Currently: IGERT Fellow, Watershed Science and Policy, SIUC
Girmay Misgna Girmay Misgna
Email: mgirmay@siu.edu

Research Interests: GIS, remote sensing, web-based geospatial and database applications, watershed modeling and integration with evolutionary algorithms
Currently: GIS/RS Lab Director at Environmental Resources & Policy, SIUC
Benjamin Newton Benjamin Newton
Email: newtben@siu.edu

Currently: Trade Adjustment Assistance Grant Program Coordinator for Sustainable Agriculture Triton College, River Grove, Illinois
Aaron Nickolotsky Aaron Nickolotsky
Email: nicklotosky@siu.edu

Research Interests: Applied fluvial geomorphology, hydrology, GIS, and remote sensing
Currently: IGERT Fellow, Watershed Science and Policy, SIUC
Mohammad Rahman Mohammad Rahman
Email: mwrahman@siu.edu

Research Interests: Geochemistry of coal, kerogen, oil shale and organic-rich sediments, δ13C signature from thermally altered organic matter to link with past global climate
Currently: Teaching Assistant, Department of Geology, SIUC
Donald Rehmer Donald Rehmer
Email: drehmer@siu.edu

Research Interests: Policies governing carbon sequestration in fossil fuel industry
Currently: Lecturer, Department of Geology, SIUC
Santosh Rijal
Santosh Rijal
Email: santoshrijal@siu.edu

Research Interests: GIS and remote sensing, spatial analysis, environmental modeling
Currently: Research Assistant, Geography and Environmental Resources, SIUC
Regimius Rushomesa Remigius Rushomesa
Email: rrusho@siu.edu

Research Interests: Integration of GIS & remote sensing for sustainable utilization of natural resources, environmental impact assessment, rural development
Kristine Schachel Kristine Schachel
Email: krisstar@hotmail.com

Research Interests: Sustainable community development; motivation for environmentally responsible behavior; non-profit administration
Currently: Fellowship and scholarship coordinator for the SIUC College of Science.
Tom Shaw Thomas Shaw
Email: thomas.shaw@bigrivers.com

Research Interests: Conversion of a coal fired steam electric unit to biomass fuel
Currently: Team Leader Environmental, Western Kentucky Energy
James Stivers James Stivers
Email: jstivers@siu.edu

Research Interests: Environmental and natural resources law and politics
Tim Stoebner Tim Stoebner
Email: tstoebner@siu.edu

Research Interests: Land use modeling of agricultural crops based on future climate change projections in the central United States
Currently: IGERT Fellow, Watershed Science and Policy, SIUC
Awoke Teshager Awoke Teshager
Email: dagnew.awoke@siu.edu

Research Interests: Watershed modeling, climate change and intefrated water resources management
Currently: Research Assistant, Geography and Environmental Resourcs, SIUC
Sarah Varble Sarah Varble
Email: svarble@siu.edu

Research Interests: Climate change and risk perception in agriculture, network analysis, conservation adoption in agriculture, watershed management groups, and human-environment interactions
Currently: Research Assistant, Agribusiness Economics, SIUC
Dan Vaughn Dan Vaughn
Email: dvaughn@siu.edu

Research Interests: Environmental sciences, sustainable development/practices, philosophy of science organic geochemistry
Currently: Chair, Earth Science and Agriculture, Vincennes University
Steve Walton Steve Walton
Email: swalton@siu.edu

Research Interests: Environmental Sustainability, Environmental Law and Policy
Currently: Vice President of EHS, Compliance and Quality for Sigma-Aldrich, a St. Louis based life science and high technology company
Minzi Wang Minzi Wang
Email: Minzi.Michelle.Wang@gmail.com

Research Interests: Wetland classification, remote sensing
Currently: Teaching Assistant, Geography and Environmental Resources, SIUC
Roger Wiebusch Roger Wiebusch
Email: Roger.K.Wiebusch@uscg.mil

Research Interests: Contributing factors for loss rates of freshwater (agricultural) wetlands
Currently: US Coast Guard, St. Louis, MO
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Samuel Adu-prah Samuel Adu-Prah (2013)
Email: saduprah@siu.edu

Dissertation: Geographic data mining and geovisualization for understanding environmental and public health data
Currently: Assistant Professor, University of Texas, Austin
Xiaoying Yang Xiaoying Yang (2004)

Dissertation: Analysis of Thermoelectric Water Use in the United States

Currently: Assistant Professor, Fudan University, China
Reuben Heine Reuben Heine (2005)

Dissertation: Modeling Incision of Tributaries from Missouri River Degradation: Gavins Point Dam to Platte River Confluence
Currently: Associate Professor, Geography, Augustana College

Yong Huang Yong Huang (2005)

Dissertation: A comparative Study of Downstream Flows and Ecological Impacts of Hydropower Dams
Salah Jaber Salah Jaber (2006)

Dissertation: Monitoring Spatial Variations in Soil Organic Carbon Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems
Currently: Assistant Professor, Department of Water Management and Environment, Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment, Hashemite University, Jordan
Mykola Shcherbaniuk Mykola Shcherbaniuk (2006)

Dissertation: Modeling Land Use and Land Cover Change: Predicting Re-Enrollment in the Conservation Reserve Program Using GIS and Data Mining Procedures
Richard Boniak Richard Boniak (2007)

Dissertation: Nitrogen and Phosphorous Transport and Turfgrass Response on Golf Greens constructed of Sand Mixes Amended With Various Organic Materials
Currently: Assistant Professor, Environmental and General Science, George Washington College, Aurora University
Abani Samal Abani Samal (2007)

Dissertation: Genetic and Exploration Models for the Florida Canyon Au Deposit, Nevada: Integrating Geological, Geochemical, GIS, Remote Sensing, Geostatistical and Statistical Data Analysis
Currently: Principal Advisor, Geology (Geostatistics, Resource Modeling), Rio Tinto - Technology and Innovations, Greater Salt Lake City area
Dajun Dai Dajun Dai (2007)

Dissertation: Exploring the Computational and Implementation Characteristics of an Improved Genetic Algorithm for Cluster Detection
Currently: Assistant Professor, Geosciences, Georgia State University
Michael Pease Michael Pease (2008)

Dissertation: Analysis of Constraints to Water Marketing and an Evaluation of Select Techniques to Facilitate Market-Based Reallocations
Currently: Assistant Professor, Geography, Central Washington University
Qing Bai Qing Bai (2008)

Dissertation: Urban-Fringe Landowners' Preferences for Particular Farmland Preservation Programs
Jonathan Remo Jonathan Remo (2008)

Dissertation: Utilizing Archival Data to Assess Historic Changes in Flood Flow Conveyance of the Mississippi River
Currently: Assistant Professor, Geography and Environmental Resources, SIUC
Sethuram Soman Sethuram Soman (2008)

Dissertation: Trade offs among Environmental Benefits provided by Riparian Buffers and Agricultural Production - Implication for the Bid Creek Watershed
Currently: Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Technical Studies, Dickinson State University
Terri Thomas Terri Thomas (2008)

Dissertation: Spatial and Temporal Land Use Change in Southern Illinois' Clear Springs and Bald Knob Wilderness Areas
Currently: U.S. Forest Service, Northern Minnesota
John Keller John Keller (2009)

Dissertation: Accurate Cylindrical-Coordinate Numerical Models for the Analysis of Hydrologic Tests
Currently: Asistant Professor, Environmental Sciences, University of Southern Nevada
Mark Carlos Mark Carlos (2010)

Dissertation: An Analysis of Wind Power Plant Site Prospecting in the Central United States

Wayne Griffith Wayne Griffith (2011)

Dissertation: Measuring Publix Preferencess for and the Econimic Value of the Multifunctionality of Agriculture in the United States
Currently: Marion High School, Marion Illinois,
Stanley Mubako Stanley Mubako (2011)

Dissertation: Frameworks for Estimating Virtual Water Flows Among U.S. States
Currently: Research Assistatn Professor, Center for Environmental Resources Management (CERM), University of Texas at El Paso
Brendan Lutz Brendan Lutz (2011)

Dissertation: Late Miocene and Pliocene Paleoceanography of the Low Latitude Northern Hemisphere and Its Implications for Future Climate change
Currently: Biostratigrapher, Shell International Exploration and Production, Dallas, TX
Farhat Chowdhury Farhat Chowdhury (2012)

Dissertation: The Choice of Water Supply Sources for U.S. Cities
Currently: Environment Specialist at The World Bank - Bangladesh Environmental Services
Michael Most Michael Most (2012)

Dissertation: Privatizing Agricultural Genetics: An Analysis of the Process and Implicatons of Creating Property from a Once Res Nullius Public Good
Currently: Associate Professor - Salina Aviation, Kansas State University
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